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Atlantic Mergers is your trusted partner in business transactions in Nova Scotia. With two decades of experience, we specialize in buying, selling, and business valuation services for businesses of all sizes. As Certified Mergers & Acquisitions Advisors, we provide ethical and tenacious support. Our international marketing ensures global exposure for listings, while our tools and expertise guide you through the challenges of selling a business. At Atlantic Mergers, we put our heart into every listing.

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Start your exploration with Atlantic Mergers exclusive listings. We represent diverse clients from various industries seeking suitable buyers. This inside knowledge helps you make your ideal acquisition.  Alternatively if you  need more options, our understanding of diverse businesses along with our extensive M&A network across North America allow us to help you find your ideal match.
At Atlantic Mergers, we’ve built a strong network of thousands of buyers actively seeking top-notch businesses. Many of these buyers are experienced entrepreneurs who have bought businesses from us before. Our buyer network includes private equity firms, international buyers, and wealthy family offices looking for acquisition opportunities.
Knowing the value of your business is essential for making smart decisions that boost its worth. Even if you’re not thinking of selling now, understanding your company’s value is the first step in creating more value. We suggest getting a professional valuation early so that you have the time to prepare. We use data-driven methods for reliable and accurate pricing. If you want us to assess your business’s value, feel free to contact us.

Why Nova Scotia?

Are you looking to buy or sell a business in Nova Scotia? Here’s some insight into why this could be the best decision you’re going to make this year: 

The economy and workforce in this Canadian province are on the rise, attracting investors to various expanding industries like ocean technology, diversity-focused businesses, and seafood. With a consistently growing economy and a government dedicated to improving economic development, Nova Scotia presents ample opportunities for entrepreneurs to thrive.

Nova Scotia has historically backed businesses in agriculture, fishing, tourism, and forestry. Nonetheless, the province identifies several other industries like:

These sectors present promising growth opportunities in Nova Scotia.

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