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Whether you are an expanding business or taking your first step into business ownership, we are here to help guide you through the process of buying a business.


Businesses for Sale

Tax Consulting Business

  • Industry: Accounting
  • Location: Fredericton, New Brunswick
  • Gross Revenue:

This business, renowned for its longevity and excellence, boasts a substantial and loyal recurring client base that has entrusted their financial affairs to its care year after year.

Health and Wellness Business

  • Industry: Health and Wellness
  • Location: Fredericton, New Brunkswick
  • Gross Revenue:

This is a thriving franchise business with an excellent reputation that promotes health and wellness through personalized nutrition coaching and a health food store that features a wide range of products, unique to the market and locally made as often as possible. 

Why Buy with
Atlantic Mergers?

At Atlantic Mergers, our experienced network is focused on your success. We have many years of experience helping clients buy and sell businesses in North America.
Buyer Representation

Our team guides you on how to buy a business. From initial search to final handover, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Our deep understanding of the local market trends ensures your business gets the visibility it deserves.
Reputable Affiliations

We are active members of the International Business Brokers Association and Alliance of Mergers & Acquisitions Advisors.

Due Diligence and Acquisition Support

We assist in the thorough review of all aspects of the prospective business, from finances to operations. We offer suggestions during the negotiation and strategic planning phase.
Curated Business Listings

We provide a customized selection of pre-screened business opportunities that have been evaluated for their potential, performance and strategic positioning within the market.

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Our Buy-Side Representation Services

Our Buy-Side Representation service is designed to support you in every step of acquiring a business. This includes conducting a comprehensive search for potential sellers, initiating and managing preliminary discussions, providing detailed acquisition advisory, performing thorough business valuations, skillfully negotiating Letters of Intent, coordinating the due diligence process, and overseeing all closing activities. This service is tailored to ensure a seamless acquisition experience, catering to your specific business interests and investment goals.

Our Buying a Business Process

From initial consultation to finalizing your purchase, we are here to ensure a seamless and rewarding experience. Our process consists of the following steps:

Find the Right Business to Buy

At Atlantic Mergers, we prioritize your interests, skillset, and investment preferences when connecting you with the right business opportunity. Our approach begins with a personalized assessment of your entrepreneurial goals and objectives followed by a curated list of business listings. Our custom acquisition services include market analysis, valuation, strategic transition planning and more.

Key Considerations

When Buying a Business Keep the Following Factors in Mind:


Assess the industry’s current state, it’s future prospects, and how the business fits within the broader industry landscape.

Market Trends

Research consumer behavior, emerging technologies, and competitive dynamics within the industry you are looking to buy in.

Financial Health

Examine the past and current financial statements, revenue streams, profitability, cash flow, and debt levels financial health of the business you are looking to buy.

Potential Growth

Determine whether the business has room to grown in the local market or beyond.

Let us do the research for you

As professional advisors, we specialize in conducting this in-depth research on your behalf. Our team is equipped to analyze industry trends, evaluate financial stability, and assess growth potential, ensuring that you make an informed and strategic decision


Please see our Pricing Guide for buy-side services.  We also offer bespoke pricing based upon your unique circumstances, please contact us today for a Discovery Meeting to help us learn about your requirements.
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